Planning and booking of air tickets

1) Book your tickets online

If you’re planning to do any activities or excursions on your trip, book them online.

Companies usually offer a discounted price when compared to buying in person.

Not only that but you’ll be able to pay with a credit card, it gives you some extra protection as well as additional credit card points.


2) Sign up for flight deals    

When it comes to travel, your flight(s) will likely be your biggest expense.

Save money by signing up for flight deal websites.

You’ll get epic flight deals straight to your inbox, saving you time and money.

Also be sure to sign up for airline newsletters, since that is where they will announce their sales first!



3) Off Peak Seasons

If possible, try not to travel during peak season as the air tickets and accommodations will be much more costly during peak season.

If you really need to travel during peak season, try checking the air tickets pricing for tickets one day before or after your planned date (sometimes, the ticket price can varies a lot).


4) Don’t always fly direct

Sometimes it is cheaper to fly into airports close to your final destination, and then take a train or bus to where you need to go. When booking flights, always consider this option.

Be sure to shop around for your flight and know that direct isn’t always the cheapest route.





5) Air-miles  

Use cards’ points and miles for free travel. You will be surprise with some incredible deals.

You can go a lot further in the world when you don’t have to pay for it.

Learn the art of travel hacking and collect points and miles through your everyday spending so you can get free flights, accommodation, train tickets, and other forms of travel!

It’s what all expert travelers due to lower their travel costs and something you should do too.


6) Choosing your seat in the plane  

This is individual preference.

I would prefer to book aisle seats on international flights.

I really use the bathroom and I find it uncomfortable to ask other people to give me space if I´m on the window seat.

Also , I´m always tempted to go to my hand luggage in international flights to take out the book, or put it back, to take out some slippers or put it back…

I´m such a mess … so I really need the aisle seat.


7) Book flights 2-3 months in advance to get the best price.    

Air tickets are normally cheaper during offer.

If there are no offers, try to book in advance as air tickets price tends to increase nearer to the departure date.

Don’t drive yourself too crazy trying to get the absolute cheapest fare.

Spending five hours to try to save $10 will cause you a lot of stress.

Where and when to eat while you travel


1) Eat at expensive restaurants during lunch.  

If you only fancy expensive restaurant, visit them during lunch time instead of dinner time.

Most expensive restaurants offer lunch specials featuring the same food they would serve for dinner but  at half the price!

That’s the best time to eat out when you travel.

2) Try local food. 

Try local food that you may not get at home.

Don’t  ask what it is.

Just put it in your mouth and see if you like it.

If you put your guard up, you might miss out on some unusual and delicious local cuisine.

Be open…. and explore  🙂

3) Eat street foods 

No to street food?

Don’t be scared.

If you skip the street foods, you miss out on culture.

If you’re worry of the cleanest of the street foods, look for places where kids are eating.

If it’s safe for them, it’s safe for you.

Just make sure the street food is warm and you don’t see flies flying around.


4) Bring along some medicine for diarrhea 

I’ve learned many of these the hard way.

I’d also include carrying some stomach medicine in that first aid kit, just in case.

They’re usually easy to find in big cities but might be tougher if you’re in more rural areas or traveling on a day stores are closed.

Plus that way you might not have to be as paranoid about eating the delicious street food .

5) Locals don’t eat out every night and neither should you. 

If it’s a long vacation, you can always cook for yourself  some of the days.

Go for grocery shopping. I always love to visit local wet market… lots of thing s to see.

You can learn a lot about locals’ diets by seeing the type of food they buy.

Plus, it will save you a lot of money.

You won’t regret it.

Cook your food, save money and surprise yourself.


6) Never eat in a tourist area or near a tourist attraction 

I normally walk five blocks in either direction before I find a place to eat.

The closer you are to tourist attractions the more you are going to pay and the worse the food (and service).

Use websites to find some delicious and popular restaurants around you.

Additionally, never eat anywhere the menu is in like many languages! That means the restaurant is just for tourists!

Also, never eat at a restaurant with very few people (or nobody!) in it…especially when it’s mealtime.  It’s either the food sucks or the pricing does not justify it.