Factors to be considered while traveling

Factors to be considered while traveling

• Should I use map

• Always visit the local tourism office.

• Ask hostel staff for information

• Native language of your destination

• History of the place to visit.

• Should you fly direct?

• Where to get free WIFI?

• What is the hotel’s check in time?

• Which tourist spots to visit?

• Best time to visit historical sites?

• Where and what to eat?

• What is the budget for the trip?



Have you been here ?


Other Factors

• Where to get cheap air tickets?

• Where to stay?

• Get travel insurance

• Don’t over plan your trip.

• Sign up for flight deals

• Pre-book your tickets to attractions

• Where to find clean public toilets

• Choosing a seat in the plane

• How To Save phone battery during trips

• Checklist for items to bring along

• Set Limits on Cards

• Learning to haggle

• SIM card has roaming service?


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